Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nick was introduced to music at a very early age. With his mother being a part of the local choir, Nick was brought along to the rehearsals.

After a couple of hours of him hitting anything and everything around him, they quickly came to realize that he had a gift for drumming.

Nick Audy plays drums

After attending and graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2012, he has continued to master his craft in both the composing and drumming world. With over a million streams worldwide, Nick’s audience continues to grow along with his credits.


Selection of commercial, orchestral, and contemporary music from the catalog, including some songs from Nick's band 'HUNTR'

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Most recent & notable works in no particular order

Netflix's "Between" series
Netflix's "On My Block" series
Bank of America (Commercial)
Starbucks (Commercial)
Uber (Commercial)
Young Liars (Original Score)
HUNTR: Live At The Satellite
HUNTR: Discography
Westworld Scoring Competition
Westworld Score (MIDI Video)

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